The Secretary-General of the German organization Welt Hunger Hilfe Mathias  Mogge has urged the international community to help the suffering people in Afghanistan.

He said that the situation is dramatic, people are selling their children to survive. Since the Taliban came to power in August, the economy has been in free fall. The banking system has collapsed, hardly anyone has a job and more than half of the people suffer from hunger.

Mathias Mogge stressed that the Taliban government could not feed the people. That is why the international community is now called upon to ensure the survival of up to 30 million people.

The United Nations estimates the financial needs for Afghanistan and neighbouring countries with Afghan refugees for this year at least 4.5 billion euros. This was announced by the UN Emergency Office in Geneva. UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Griffiths said a huge humanitarian catastrophe was looming.

The United Nations needs around 3.9 billion euros for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan itself. This is intended to support 22 million people. It is about food aid, health services, emergency shelters, agricultural support for farmers as well as a supply of clean water and schools.

In addition, 5.7 million Afghans and their hosts in five neighbouring countries are to be supported. These include Iran and Pakistan. According to the information, 550 million euros are needed for this.

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