Apple is planning to roll out its new iPhones models without a physical SIM card slot after removing the headphone jack.

According to the media report citing MacRumors, recent reports have suggested that the company might be mulling over removing the SIM trays from iPhones by September 2022. Instead, the mobile manufacturer will roll out eSIM support for cellular network connectivity.

The publication reported that the company has been offering eSIM support on its iPhone models since the launch of the iPhone XS in September 2018.

MacRumors was also, reportedly, tipped off anonymously that Apple has been in talks with major US carriers and has advised them to prepare for eSIM only smartphones set to arrive in September 2022.

Some carriers will reportedly start offering select iPhone 13 models without a Nano-SIM card in the box in the second quarter of 2022 as part of the transition, which would enable users to start accessing their primary network using eSIM.

Unlike previous models, the iPhone 13 series supports multiple eSIM profiles that enable dual-SIM support using eSIM. On the latest iPhone models, which means that users can access two different networks without using their Nano-SIM cards, the publication said.

The company will also be able to offer upgraded features after removing the Nano-SIM card slot — better water resistance, improved design.

Removing the physical SIM slot from a smartphone means that users have one more thing to do every time they change their devices. With eSIM-only devices, every time one needs to move to a new one, users have to get in touch with their carrier and get them to port the number.

However, for smartphone companies, there are some advantages to removing the SIM tray. For starters, the companies would no longer need to produce the mechanism to eject and insert a SIM tray, which would free up some space on the inside of the device.

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