Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has launched a system to award blockchain-based educational degrees in digital form to students.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the 54th convocation ceremony of IIT-Kanpur where he launched the blockchain-based degree transfer technology with which digital degrees were provided to the students.

According to the IIT Kanpur director, these digital degrees can be verified globally and are unforgeable.

The technology has been developed by the institute under the National Blockchain Project.

Later, addressing the convocation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that technology is the future and it is getting priceless gifts from prestigious institutes like IIT Kanpur.

Here is everything you need to know about the blockchain-based digital degree and how it will impact the education sector in the future

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded IIT-Kanpur for developing blockchain-based degree transfer technology and also the institute’s role in contributing to 5G technology. He gave away medals to two meritorious students, who were physically present during the convocation function.

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