An exceptionally large blue sapphire has been found in Ratnapura. The entrepreneur Chamila Suranga now exhibited the 310-kilogram stone on his estate in Horana, a town in Sri Lanka. The record-breaking sapphire had already been discovered three months ago.

The gemstone has 1.5 million carats, said the gemstone and jewellery authority of the island state. Experts from the “National Gem and Jewellery Authority” had examined and certified the valuables, the authority said.

An evaluation by international experts is therefore still pending.

The first purchase offers from the USA and Dubai are said to have already been received. However, according to initial reports, the finder wants to sell the stone to a museum so that it can be preserved in one piece. The sapphire bears the name Queen of Asia.

The colour of blue sapphires varies depending on the incidence of light from sky blue to a very dark blue. The so-called co-rounds are acid-insoluble and melt at 2050 degrees Celsius.

The largest sapphire found so far also comes from Sri Lanka. The Star of Adam has 1404 carats, its value was estimated at about 90 million euros.

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