Gallup and Gilani Pakistan’s survey has revealed that the divorce rate in Pakistan has reached its all-time highest level.

The survey revealed that 2 out of 5 Pakistanis believe that the in-laws are responsible for the divorces. At the same time, the survey disclosed that the Covid-19 pandemic also became one of the major reasons for the divorces in Pakistan.

The survey revealed that 3800 divorce cases were filed in Karachi during 2020, and 10,312 cases of Khula and guardianship from the 1st of January to the 9th of November in 2021 were reported.

Also, nearly 70% of divorce cases were reported to be of women who had married of their free will. Moreover, 13,000 more cases are awaiting trial in Rawalpindi’s family courts.

Reports suggest that forced marriages are one of the major causes of divorce in Pakistan.

A clinical psychologist from Lahore Naeema Sarfraz said that sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy are two different things, for marriages.

Adding on to the topic of divorce in Pakistan, she said when societal pressures force couples to be in an unwanted marriage, the dissatisfaction in the relationship creates a rift.

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