The G7 on Sunday said time was running out for Iran to agree on a deal to curb its nuclear ambitions, and also warned Russia about the consequences of invading Ukraine.

Foreign ministers from the world’s richest nations have held a two-day meeting in Liverpool, northwest England, seeking to present a strong, united front against global threats.

On Iran, G7 host Britain said resumed talks in Vienna were the Islamic Republic’s “last chance to come to the negotiating table with a serious resolution”.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told a news conference as talks wrapped up that there is still time for Iran to come and agree on this deal.

Britain, which hands over the G7 presidency to Germany next year, portrayed the two-day conference in Liverpool, northwest England, as a chance to stand up to authoritarianism around the world.

Liz Truss said there was “very much a united voice… that there will be massive consequences for Russia in the case of an incursion into Ukraine”.

A senior US State Department official on Saturday said: “a large number of democratic countries” were ready to join the G7 nations of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States in taking action.

Russia says the military build-up is a defensive measure against Ukraine moving closer to NATO.

Ukraine the Foreign Secretary has said that the West and its allies are “united” in threatening “massive consequences” for any Russian invasion of neighbouring.

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