The Health Minister of Germany Karl Lauterbach has said that the country will not go into lockdown ahead of Christmas, unlike the neighbouring Netherlands.

Talking to the public broadcaster ARD he said that we won’t have a lockdown like in the Netherlands before Christmas.

The health minister said that but in fact, it’s like this: We will get the fifth wave. We have exceeded a critical number of Omicron-infected people. So this wave can no longer be stopped completely, and we have to counter it.

In the Netherlands, a tough lockdown came into force in response to the rapidly spreading variant of the coronavirus. Almost all shops, restaurants, cultural and sports facilities, schools and hairdressers are closed. Supermarkets and pharmacies are excluded.

Tighter restrictions are being considered around the world as spiralling cases of the omicron Covid-19 variant loom over the festive holiday period.

A number of curbs have already been introduced in certain countries across Europe.

In Germany, meanwhile, only German citizens, residents and transit passengers will be allowed to enter the country from the U.K. from Monday, with all inbound travellers required to quarantine for 14 days irrespective of vaccination status. Travel restrictions were also imposed for arrivals from Denmark, Norway and France.

The World Economic Forum will defer its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in the light of continued uncertainty over the Omicron outbreak.

The forum said in a statement that it is now planned for early summer.

The in-person event had been scheduled from Jan. 17 to Jan. 21 with the aim of addressing economic, environmental, political and social fault-lines exacerbated by the pandemic.

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