Meta: Metaverse platform Horizon reaches 300,000 users
Around two months after the launch of Horizon Worlds, the first figures are available: 300,000 users have now registered on the VR Metaverse platform. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is putting all his hopes – and all his money – in his Metaverse project called Horizon Worlds. The Company recently presented its new social media platform, where users can meet virtually, in an advertisement for the Super Bowl. Expectations are correspondingly high. Because Mark Zuckerberg’s big goal for the future is : bringing a billion people to the Metaverse. The number of users has grown tenfold.
As The Verge reports, Meta’s product manager Chris Cox gave the first figures for the Horizons World platform in an internal meta-meeting: Since the launch on December 9, 2021, the number of monthly users is said to have increased tenfold: The platform It now has 300,000 users. Meta spokesman Joe Osborne confirmed the stats, but also said that the numbers only included users of Horizon Worlds and the event app Horizon Venues. This does not include users of the meeting app Horizon Workrooms included. A VR concert by the Foo Fighters recently took place in Horizon Venues after the Super Bowl, which despite server problems had reached a five-digit number of simultaneous visitors.

10,000 worlds in Horizon Worlds.
Similar to the Roblox or Microsoft’s Minecraft platforms, users can create their own worlds and design various games within the VR app Horizon Worlds. This week, Meta announced that 10,000 such worlds have already been created. Horizons World’s private Facebook group now has 20,000 members. It is not known how large the proportion of Quest headset owners who use Horizon Worlds on a monthly basis is, since Meta keeps its sales figures under wraps. In the industry, however, ten million devices are sold.

During the most intense and immersive experiences will be held in virtual reality, there will be access to these worlds through the Facebook and Instagram apps available,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg . Bringing Horizon to mobile would give it even more competition to social gaming app Rec Room, which has 37 million monthly gaming users.