Pakistan Navy Special Service Group SSG(N) participated in bilateral Special Operations Forces (SOF) Exercise ‘Ayylidiz 2021’ with Turkish Su Altı Taarruz (SAT) at Istanbul, Turkey.

Both navies are regularly conducting bilateral Exercises since 1996 and this exercise is the 13th of the series.

The exercise was exclusively designed to exchange professional expertise in the SOF domain. The aim of the exercise was to build synergy, strengthen military relationships and enhance interoperability between Special Operations Forces of both countries.

The exercise focused on Anti-Terrorism operations, Sniper Firing, Frogman Ops and Visit Board Search & Seizure (VBSS) domains.

The exercise concluded with the demo of coordinated VBSS Ops involving Ships, Helicopters and Fast Speed Boats along with SOFs elements. The event was witnessed by high-level delegations.

Exercise AYYILDIZ-2021 proved professionally rewarding as SOFs elements of both countries remained actively engaged in rehashing contemporary tactics, techniques and procedures in Special Operations domains.

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