Pakistan will host the Asian Open Taekwondo Championships in Islamabad. The championship will be held in November 2022.

The news was announced by the Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU). As per the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, Pakistan won an e-vote conducted by the ATU from December 29 to January 6 to select the hosting country for the fourth edition of the championships.

The Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTF) said in a press release that the finest athletes from various countries will be coming to Islamabad for this event.

It said that athletes aged 17 and above were going to participate in the Senior Male and Female Khyrougi Event. Local and international referees will also be part of the event.

PTF president retired Lieutenant Colonel Waseem Ahmed said that Pakistan will deliver the Asia Open insincere spirit and genuine warmth in our beautiful capital Islamabad.

He stressed that such events are beneficial for the professional development of officials and athletes.

The PTF president said that these events improve the organisational skills of National Sports Federations, ultimately creating a better image of the beloved country.

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