Searching for Russian propaganda websites through DuckDuckGo is found at the bottom of the ranking of results. The company is seeking revenge for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Search engine users on Twitter are expressing dissatisfaction with the new rankings.

On March 10, 2022, DuckDuckGo CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg said in a tweet that search engine DuckDuckGo had “downgraded” pages containing Russian misinformation. Expressing “displeasure” with the attack, he started a discussion with his post.

Gabriel Weinberg’s announcement tweet received more responses than retweets on Twitter. According to Mashable, this indicates that users are dissatisfied with Weinberg’s tweet.

Another user, “andrewwbharvey,” commented, “So you censor your users?” It is now up to the DDG editor to decide what is wrong and what is not. “This decision should be left to the user.” In response, Weinberg said that by search engine definition, search engines endeavor to show more relevant content at the top and less relevant content at the bottom—this is not censorship, but a way of ranking the search.

Search website DuckDuckGo’s decision does not impose a complete ban on Russian content that spreads false information. Rather, it ranks at the bottom of the search engine listings. This is not the first time DuckDuckGo has reacted to the Ukraine conflict.

As a Google search engine, DuckDuckGo can also be used. It is considered as an alternative search engine that, unlike Google, is not directly owned by any company. It claims a relatively high level of data privacy.

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