Saudi princess Basma Bint Saud has been released with her daughter by Saudi authorities, a human rights group said that she had been held without charge for nearly three years in the capital.

57-year-old Basma bint Saud, a royal family member long seen as a proponent of women’s rights and a constitutional monarchy, has been detained since March 2019, and in April 2020 implored King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to release her on health grounds.

The ALQST for Human Rights said on Twitter that Basma bint Saud Al Saud and her daughter Suhoud… have been released.

The group said that she was denied the medical care she needed for a potentially life-threatening condition. At no point during her detention has any charge been levelled against her.

Saudi officials were not immediately available to comment on the case.

In November 2017, a vast anti-corruption campaign saw Riyadh’s luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel serve for three months as a de facto detention centre for dozens of princes and senior officials suspected of graft or disloyalty.

In March 2020, the royal guard arrested King Salman’s brother and nephew, accusing them of fomenting a coup against Prince Mohammed, according to several sources.

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