Telegram messenger has announced four features including reactions, the ability to add hidden text, automatic translation of messages, as well as QR codes for which the design is configured.

A reaction is a quick response to a message in the form of an interactive or animated Emoji. In private chats, they are always enabled, and for groups and channels, the ability to use them is configured by administrators: you can not only allow the reactions themselves but also set which emoji will be responsible for this function. You can limit yourself to traditional “likes” or arrange to vote.

If necessary, users of the messenger got the opportunity to work with hidden text, for example, when discussing movies or TV series, but without revealing scenario details. Configuring hidden text is done using standard formatting tools – such text is not shown either in message texts or in notifications about them. To view the hidden text, simply touch it.

An important innovation is the message translation function. To start this function, you must first activate it in the “Language” item from the “Settings” menu.

Further, to translate a message, you just need to touch it (or pinch it with your finger in iOS). The settings allow you to set the languages ​​for which translation is not in need. The function is available for any version of Android, as well as iOS 15+.

For any user who has configured a public link to their profile; you can now generate a QR code right in the application; the feature is also available for groups, channels and bots. A QR code icon appeared next to the public link, clicking on which you can generate not only the code itself but also its design: the necessary colours and patterns. Users can save the result, print, or share it in any other application.

In addition, in the Telegram client for macOS, the right-click menu has got new options – navigation has improved and animated icons have appeared for each item. Finally, some emojis have got interactive versions too.

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