The Guy Fox mask, which is used in protests around the world, is now visible on the Internet.  Who wanted to blow up Protestant King Jacob I and his parliament in London in 1605

However, a Reddit thread from 2020 also indicates that Kotel and his associates were not influenced by the movie V for Vendetta, but rather by a meme featuring “Epic Fail Guy” and a Guy Fox mask.

In 2008, an unknown troll group, dubbed the “Internet Hate Machine” by Fox News a year ago, turned out to be a turning point in hacktivism.  He released a Scientology promotional video to the public, and the sect also faced widespread accusations. Anonymous member Greg Hosh then recorded the first video announcement, entitled “Message for Scientology.”  The video went viral, followed by international protests against Scientology, which were dominated by Guy Fox masks.  Hectivist.  In 2010 and 2011, Anonymous eventually became a symbol of hacktivism and digital protest, and groups and off-shoots were formed around the world, primarily to oppose various forms of Internet sanctions.

There is also fraud and arrests in Hacktivism. In February 2012, Hector Monsignor, a popular co-founder of the anonymous group Lulzsec under the pseudonym Sabu, was eventually caught by the FBI.  Under the pressure of the Secret Service, several arrests were made, some of which were punished. In 2013, more anonymous members of the hacking network were arrested, including prominent leaders such as Jeremy Hammond and Mustafa al-Bassam.  But the future seemed to be in the process of developing a strong strategy.

Hacktivism was also present in the “Black Lives Meter” protest after the assassination of George Floyd in 2020.  During the Corona epidemic, “Operation Tinfoil came to the world. For example, Attila Hildmann’s website was denied hijacking the corona. In 2022, Tesla founder Elon Musk was also targeted. Now in the Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin received a message of war from unknown threats.

There are many actions on the web, for anonymity.  In which people are presented with a powerful brand through which digital and real protest can be promoted or voiced.  Whether it’s the Occupy Street movement, the “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia, or the war in Ukraine, the anonymous movement has supported freedom of information and human rights in a number of global political events.  The Guy Fox mask has now become a prominent international symbol.  But the movement has no moral affiliation.  It is difficult to predict who will be the next target on the agenda of a group or individual workers.

One aspect of hacktivism that is clear from this is that hacktivism is not only composed of talented hackers, but also actively communicates so that anyone can be a part of it.  Anonymous started the war in Ukraine.  To avoid government censorship measures, anti-war messages for the Russian population were added to Google ratings of restaurants or tourist destinations.  It does not require IT skills.  Internet access and a Google Account are enough.  This is a story similar to the DDOS attacks that act like a kind of digital sit-in.

The fact is that anyone can pretend to be anonymous.  In Germany, for example, the right-wing hate movement called “Anonymous. Kollektiv” has been an adornment of Facebook for years.  And finally, the hateful site was removed from Facebook.

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