Microblogging platform Twitter has introduced a new feature called “quote tweet with reaction.”

This feature lets you quote a tweet into a photo or video in place of replying with text.

In the announcement Tweet, the company confirmed the limited availability of the feature for now. Twitter is currently testing it on iOS.

This feature is similar to TikTok’s reaction videos. Instagram also copied the same for the Reels.

If you are using Twitter on iOS, you can try this feature. Tapping the Retweet button will show you an option saying “Quote tweet with reaction.” Tap on it and it will take you to the screen where you can capture a photo or record a video.

The original Tweet will also be there in the form of a card.

Twitter already tried the same in its Fleets that allowed users to share tweets with their own commentary in a full-screen format. Fleets failed to gain attention and the company had to remove it in less than a month after its launch.

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