Twitter has started a trial on Spaces Recording. This new feature will let hosts share tweets with audio recordings of past Spaces.

When hosts share the recordings, they’re able to see how many listeners joined live, as well as how many people replayed the recording. Currently, the feature is under testing. So, you will have to wait to get this feature.

Now discussed how does the feature work. When a Space is being recorded, users in the live space will see a “Rec” button with a red dot next to it.

If a host shares the recording later, they can edit the start time so that future listeners don’t have to hear minutes of dead air if the Space didn’t start right away. When listening to a recorded Space, users can see who’s talking and who was in the room, similar to in a live Space.

Currently, the option to record a Space is available for some hosts on both iOS and Android. Also, the option to listen to a recording of a Space is available for everyone on iOS, Android, and now the web.

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