Analysis Report: Syed Nizam-Ud-din Chishti

As the situation in Afghanistan is rapidly changing and the world especially Europe is worried about the evacuation and increase of migrants.

The neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, especially Pakistan, will be more affected before the situation in Afghanistan is faced by the world. Pakistan is already bearing the burden of millions of Afghan refugees and it can no longer bear the burden of more Afghan refugees. But international demands and pressure are the opposite of Pakistan’s decision.

Absolutely ‘NOT’! Is now ‘YES’

Pakistan shares an almost 2600 kilometre border with Afghanistan, which is called the Durand line.

Pakistan Afghanistan Border

In view of the deadline for the withdrawal of the United States and other foreign forces from Afghanistan, at the request of the US and its allies, transit visas have been issued by the government of Pakistan for aspiring evacuees from Afghanistan for Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad. The district administrations of these cities have also been instructed by the federal government for the arrangements. The aspiring evacuee can stay in Pakistan for short period.

On the other hand, it has been objected to by some circles in Pakistan. Most of the objections have been raised on social media where people believe that the people who have been given transit visas in Pakistan after their withdrawal from Afghanistan could be members of the Black-Water or anti-Pakistan elements.

On Sunday evening, a contingent of US troops lands at Islamabad international airport after their evacuation from Afghanistan.

The US troops will travel to their homeland after a few days stay in a luxury hotel in Islamabad. Pakistan is offering hotels and 21-day transit visas to all foreigners coming from Afghanistan.

US tropps landed in Islamabad

Iran also set up emergency tents in three provinces bordering Afghanistan to set up temporary accommodation for a potential influx of Afghan refugees.

Is continent Europe about to experience another refugee crisis?

An extraordinary meeting of the European Union (EU) home affairs minister has also been convened by the Slovenian Presidency on the current situation in Afghanistan. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 31 August 2021 at 13:00 in Brussels, the capital of the EU.

The main agenda of the meeting is to coordinate the EU’s position on how to respond to the potential impact of the situation there on the migration and security situation in the EU.

Six years ago, more than 1.2 million migrants from many parts of the world fled to Europe, travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometres to seek a new life.

Several European leaders have voiced such fears in recent days.

afghan migrant Afghan refugees

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson has also warned that the European Union should intervene before Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban rule begin to arrive at its external borders. The situation is extremely worrying.

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs said that we should not wait until we have Afghani refugees at our external borders. We have to intervene much earlier. And that also, of course, includes money

On the other side, Australia, Switzerland, Austria and some other countries refused to bear the burden of Afghan refugees.

There is also a chance that human trafficking increase once again in the world and migrants would try to enter European countries for a better life. Now it is up to the world to support Afghanistan and reduce the flow of migration so the human trafficking or illegal migration may stop.

Human Trafficking may increase

Our sources informed us that life has been normal in Afghanistan especially in Kabul. People have started their business activities, government institutions have been functionalized. The media is working freely. Even the Taliban has asked the women to resume their work.

It is too early to say about the future of Afghanistan at the moment but Pakistan will have to go through a tough test.

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